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Maturity Coaching Intensive (MCI)

Tailor Your Coaching to
Facilitate Vertical Development



Transform Your Coaching with VeDA’s Leadership Maturity Framework

Enrollment for our 2024 program will open March 1, 2024


Do you wonder why your coaching approach can be so effective for some clients and not for others?

Have you had a sense that what you offer is sometimes over the head of your clients?

Have you experienced times when a client is not challenged enough by what you offer, as they demonstrate a greater depth of understanding than you imagined?

The success of your coaching is intimately related to the developmental path of your client, as well as our own stage of maturity. By tailoring your coaching interventions to your client's ‘level’ of development, you'll be able to both challenge and support them at their growth edge. By assessing your own level of maturity, you will be able  see what's next for you in your own development that can transform the way you coach.

This is the territory of leadership maturity coaching.

Over the past four decades, research has identified vertical development as a critical aspect of how adults learn, grow and mature. VeDA’s Leadership Maturity Framework defines eight stages of vertical development based on empirical evidence gathered since the 1960s. 

In the Maturity Coaching Intensive (MCI), you will learn to individualize your coaching to develop your clients horizontally and vertically. You will learn what the theory and research based on the MAP assessment teaches us about facilitating vertical growth.

The Program
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VeDA brings over 17 years of experience and expertise in vertical development coaching. At VeDA it is our mission to stimulate and foster a more enlightened, humanized, relevant, practical, and real-world understanding and application of vertical development.

VeDA’s approach to developmental coaching is called MATURITY COACHING.

Learn more about our approach...

This program is designed for experienced and credentialed coaches like you!

VeDA’s Maturity Coaching Intensive (MCI) is designed for experienced and credentialed coaches who want to learn how to powerfully facilitate vertical development for their clients.

MCI will equip practicing coaches with the skills and capabilities to deliver coaching that is tailored to stages of ego maturity, based on the rigorously researched Leadership Maturity Framework and using VeDA’s powerful Maturity Coaching methodology.

In this 9-month integrative learning experience, you will participate in live workshops with world-class faculty who are thought leaders in the field of Vertical Development. You will also work in small group practice pods with other coach-learners and receive support from certified Leadership Maturity Coaches while you engage in self-directed learning and reflection. Throughout the program, you will be working on your own vertical development while learning to more powerfully support your clients.


This program will equip you to:

Develop a deep understanding of what vertical development is and how it can be facilitated.

Measure & explore how your own stage of development can both inform and transform
your coaching.

Recognize stage related aspects that show up in your clients’ response to their issues, as they navigate their day-to-day experiences.

​Adapt your coaching approach depending on the stage capacity of your client.

Step up powerfully to effectively support your clients to harness their developmental potential without having to use an assessment tool.

Embody vertical development coaching in such a way that you continue to grow your own capacity and perspectives while developing your client.

Our two-fold focus for building your vertical coaching capability

Focus of the Program

There are two critical aspects you need to focus on to transform your coaching:

1. Measure your own stage of development and illuminate your blindspots

Your own vertical developmental stage and journey informs your coaching and determines your ongoing potential for growth.

In the MCI, you will begin by taking the MAP - the assessment instrument that determines the stage development of an individual. We will give you a clear picture of where you are in your developmental journey, what is ahead for you, the extent to which you are prepared for the next stage of your development, and recommendations for your ongoing growth. Throughout the program you will work on your self-development by applying all the concepts and tools in service of your own evolution, all while being supported by the faculty and experienced and certified coaches.

As a result of your own MAP experience, you will grow to appreciate your client’s journey and relate to their growth process much more powerfully and authentically.


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​2.   Tailor your coaching for your client’s developmental journey

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A developmentally informed approach is one of the most powerful lenses you can use, to design your coaching interventions for your client.


In the MCI, you will take a deep-dive into the stages of maturity, and learn how to coach your clients in a way that is most effective and transformational for their operating world view, and their particular context and issues. You will do this without having your client take an assessment as a requirement. (You can request the MAP as an additional component to support your coaching if your client is interested in the measure).

VeDA's Approach

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Vertical Development


Vertical development involves the growth of new perspectives and a greater ability to handle difficult problems. In contrast, horizontal development --defined as acquiring experience and knowledge, as well as new skills and competencies -- does not lead to shifts in how one sees the world and engages with its challenges. In today’s increasingly complex work and life contexts, vertical development becomes essential. Research over the last four decades has shown that vertical development can be traced as a logical sequence of stages through which leaders can interpret and gain insights about themselves, others and the world around them.

Our Approach
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Learn From VeDA's 
World-Class Faculty

Beena Sharma

Founder | VeDA

Program Leader, Master Coach

Beena is the president of Vertical Development Academy and an international coach and consultant. Beena brings 31 years of experience in facilitating human and organizational development. She is committed to designing and delivering exceptional programs to build deep capability in individuals and organizations committed to evolving and creating a sustainable future for all.

beena 8609.jpg

Dr. Susanne Cook-Greuter

Strategic Advisor | VeDA

Guest Faculty

Dr. Susanne Cook-Greuter is the creator of the MAP instrument and its assessment methodology. Dr. Cook-Greuter is known worldwide for her seminal work in adult development theory and is a keynote speaker at conferences internationally. She has charted new territory in defining mature adult development.

Dr. Susanne Cook-Greuter - Advisor, Scor

Certified Scorer & Certified Leadership Maturity Coach (LMC)

VeDA Network of Certified MAP Scorers & Certified LMCs

Guest Faculty | Program Resource

Our guest faculty include trained assessors of the MAP who bring deep theoretical knowledge empirically derived from research. Our certified Maturity Coaches are outstanding coach practitioners who bring invaluable knowledge and insights to support you in your learning and development journey as an individual and as a coach.

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Your Faculty

Structure of the Maturity Coaching Intensive

(Please note we are refining our program design to include more content and learning experiences. The following format is from our past program, and is illustrative at this time!)

  • 9-month Program in 2024

  • 2-day or 3-day workshops, once a month

  • 20 days: Total number of live, online training days over
    9 months 

  • 10 half days: Total number of small group (Pod) learning days over 9 months

  • Specific dates and details will be available on the registration page when you are ready to enroll!

  • Monthly workshops

  • Monthly small group (pod) collaborative learning meetings

  • Periodic meeting with a VeDA certified Leadership Maturity Coach, for dialogue and feedback on coaching practice

  • Ongoing self-directed learning, reflection and practice - includes reading materials, audio recordings of real coaching sessions, and video resources

  • Workshop timings:
    11:00 AM – 5:30 PM
    US Pacific

  • Pod learning time:
    Self-organized by members of each pod

  • Time with our certified coach assigned to your pod will be arranged flexibly by pod members based on mutual convenience

  • Self-directed learning will be on your own time, at your own pace, using our course environment (Thinkific)

Program Structure

Schedule & Important Dates


Registration opens: March 1, 2024

Schedule & Dates

We've created a rich
learning experience for you

The MCI Program offers a rich and varied mix of learning elements to ensure you have a transformative learning experience. It is designed to equip you with the skills, capabilities, insights, depth, and confidence to facilitate vertical development in your clients—both explicitly and implicitly. You will learn from your peer learners as much as from your faculty!


Live, online workshops

You will engage in online workshops with Beena Sharma, MCI Lead Faculty and president of VeDA. Beena brings long, deep, and wide experience as well as thought leadership in the area of leadership maturity development.


Pod Learning

You will be part of a small group of coaches in training (your Pod), which will offer you a collaborative learning experience and community support. The program will create opportunities for you to use action learning in your pod.


Course Environment

VeDA uses the Thinkific and Zoom platforms to deliver its workshops and webinars. Upon enrollment, you will be invited to create an account to access to your learning materials.


Guest Faculty

You will have an opportunity to learn from Dr. Susanne Cook-Greuter, global authority in ego development, and creator of the MAP instrument. You will also learn from the VeDA network of certified scorers.


Certified Coach as Resource

Each Pod will be working with a certified Leadership Maturity Coach (LMC). VeDA’s LMCs are members of our network of exceptional professionals certified in debriefing the MAP and delivering stage-tailored coaching.

Prgram Elements

What our coach participants are
saying about their experience

Erkan Kadir.jpeg

Erkan Kadir

Enterprise Agile Coach

"I give my highest recommendations to this program for any coach who's interested in a scientifically-backed, concrete and practical system to meet their clients where they're at and help them to take on powerful new perspectives...I'm more powerful as a coach now because I'm acutely aware of why each of the approaches I've been using tends to land with some clients and not with others. For those in the #agilecoaching community who may have read the book Reinventing Organizations and are looking for proven ways to help groups move through the stages of vertical development - look no further than Beena Sharma and the Vertical Development Academy. Looking forward to DLM II.”


Enroll for the Maturity Coaching Intensive

Learn how to coach in a way that is deliberately developmental.

Discover how to recognize stage-related language and tensions in your client’s world.

Discern what are the most valuable stage-appropriate tools and practices that can serve your clients. Learn how to tailor the tools you already use effectively, to your client's unique needs.

Effectively tailor your coaching interventions to the level and capacity of your clients to meet them more skillfully where they are, and offer guidance for their next level of development.

By completing the MCI program, you will be certified by VeDA as a Professional Maturity Coach. You will also earn ICF-accredited CCE units for your participation.



Tuition: TBD

MAP Fee: $950 (includes  MAP  report + debrief)



Tuition: TBD

MAP Fee: $1,450 (includes MAP report + debrief)

Morning Rush Hour

(For self-pay only)

First two seats: TBD

Next four seats: TBD  

Regular pricing from 5th seat

Free Workshops
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Interested in our program,
and you'd love more information?

Get in touch to discuss specific questions you may have or to register. We will be happy to have a dialogue, so you can get a better sense of how the MCI can be valuable to you, your clients, and your coaching practice.

Enrollment for our 2024 program will open March 1, 2024. Let us know if you would like to be added to our email list and be the first to hear about future coaching programs!

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